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Website Things of Interest

We are seeking to provide a Section here on the Website where you may find interesting Links and Things.

The following Links are offered to you and hope you find them additionally thought-provoking and interesting...

War is Over - A "Radio Press News" Clip from the U.S.S. Hancock CV-19 declaring the war was finally over.

Interesting Mail Exchanges - Mail to and From Hersch Pahl on this Website. Proving that this Website is having a Positive effect on our Visitors.

The Amazing "Back Channel Communications Network - Hersch reveals how the age-old method for how news got around the ship.

Identification Flags - These Flags were Issued to Pilots of the Third & Fifth Fleet towards the end of the War.

Friend or Foe - The 'Evolution' of Aircraft Identification Insignias.

Trophy Carvings - Capt Hersch Pahl's Trophy Carvings and the stories that accompany them.

The Captain's Morale Booster - Aircraft Side Art - Capt Robert F. Hickey's ingenious plan to fight low morale aboard the Hancock in the closing years of WWII.

USS Halsey Powell (DD-686) / USS Hancock (CV-19) Near-Collision - The Untold Story

Play-by-Play Reporting - A young Navy Pilot full of exuberance during heightened excitement shares a night attack on a Japanese "Betty" with the entire crew of the Cowpens.

The Last Japanese Kamekaze shot down in WWII: The "Saving" of an Aussie Destroyer just before the end of the War on 15 August 1945.

My Retirement - A Naval Career that spanned 31½ years comes to an end.

Capt Hersch Pahl's Non-Combat Cornerstone Stories - "A collection of stories which he calls the "Cornerstones of my aviation experiences"

More to come in the future...



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