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Stroke Survivors! Living a Joyful Life After a Stroke

Price: $10.00
Author: Herschel A. Pahl
Paperback, 261 pages
ISBN: 1-57087-508-1
Publisher: Professional Press, Chapel Hill

This Book is no longer in Print - Sorry! However, you still can find it on Amazon.com Here

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Herschel Pahl and wife Bonnie take a Cruise
About this Book - "A Labor of Love"

This Nebraska farm boy, Herschel Pahl, was working his way through college when WW-II came along and before he became a Naval Aviator and married Miss Bonnie Lawrence. Thirty years of active military duty, three sons and three wars later, they retired from the Navy and made a happy life for themselves on their Ozark farm raising cattle, grass and grandchildren. Since Bonnie`s stroke they have been spending full time learning to do the best they can with what the stroke left them and preparing to share their unique love story with the whole world about living a joyful life as stroke survivors.

Bonnie is the survivor and her husband, Herschel is the full time care giver. The book is a love story about the first ten years of life together after the stroke. It has now stretched out in excess of twenty-four years and they are still going strong at the age of 90 as of 2010.

The book (261 pages) contains many lessons learned from experience which should be passed on to many health care givers and stroke survivors and many potential stroke survivors. The legal and technical portions have been carefully checked out with professionals who work with stroke survivors.

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In order to make the book useful to their readers, this couple faced up to the fact that they had to include details of their own very private life, i.e. marital relations and provide answers to a full range of questions that stroke survivors were bound to want answers to.

The author, a retired Naval officer has been married to his wife Bonnie for
67 years as of May 15, 2009.

During 30 years of that time Bonnie served as a professional Navy wife, living at 30 different addresses and raised their family of three sons - much of the time alone through long periods of lonesomeness while her husband was at sea. Even though the stroke robbed her of her ability to speak (aphasia) and left her paralyzed on her right side, they walk together, cruise, travel and do about everything they want to do. They do not ask for sympathy because they are having a good life and through this book they want to encourage other stroke survivors to do the same -- above all -- do the best they can with what they have and be happy and proud of it.

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Hersch and Bonnie's current home in Ava, Missouri


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