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Photo Album

Welcome to the Photo Album! Hersch Pahl has assembled a little collection of his Navy Career here for you to view at your Leisure and enjoyment. If you have any questions regarding the images or wish more information than is supplied on each page, then please, by all means, leave a message by using the Contact link on each page stating the Photo you're interested in; the Page it's on and your question - Thanks.

Butch O'Hare's squadron pilots on Maui July '43
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Butch O`Hare`s squadron pilots on Maui July `43. 1st row LR:- Dix Loesch, John Altemus, Foster Blair, Henry Fairbanks, George Bullard, Butch O`Hare, Paul Rooney, Joe Robbins, Tom Kerr, Bob Neel, Cy Chambers. 2nd row LR:- John Ogg, Tom Willman, Hoot Hutt, Thad Coleman, Willie Callan, Alexander Vraciu, Richard Trimble, Al Niquist, Bud Loesch, William Rose, Sandy Crews. 3rd row LR:- Bayard Webster, Tom Hall, Robert Merritt, Bascomb Gates, Cliff Seaver, William Davis, Don Kent, John Benton, Herschel Pahl, Robert Klingler, Lindley Godson. 4th row LR:- John Staniszewski, John Johnston, Robert Hobbs, Ashton Roberts, George Rodgers, Harvey Odenbrett, James Nichols, Robert Locker, Charles Palmer, Edward Philippe, Sy Mendenhall, Charles McCord.
(Hersch Pahl is third from Right in the Second Row from the Top)

The Following VF-6 Group Individual Photos Board was contributed to this website by Thomas Glover, who works as Archive Curator for and was part of a collection by VF-6 Ace John M. Johnston. His picture in this group is located first picture in 4 picture block, top left.

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