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Hersch Pahl's Non-Combat
"Cornerstone" Stories

This is a collection of stories which I call the "Cornerstones of my aviation experiences", which I wish to share.

When you reach the end of each story, use the 'Return' Link' that will return you to this Navigation Area, and then you can continue on reading the next story, and so forth.

I hope you enjoy these short vignettes of my aviation experiences.

Buy War Bonds - Story #1 - During the War, the government was in a great need for cash to buy war materials, which influenced Hersch Pahl during his unusual flight with an F6F Hellcat fighter plane.

The Search Mission - Story #2 - This story is one of the "Corner stones" of my aviation experiences, which I plan to share. This one involves the search for a very small object in 1600 square miles of open ocean (an area measuring 40 miles by 40 miles).

  • Composite Seven (VC-7) Preparations & Deployment - Story #3 - This is the story of Composite Seven Squadron (VC-7) making preparations for and the actual deployment of the squadron across the Atlantic to Port Lyautey, French Morocco. This Section continues to Story #8 Below.
  • The RBS - Story #4 - Radar Bomb scoring Unit / and fighter affiliation exercises with Air Force B-50 Heavy Bombers.
  • Pratt and Whitney R-3350 - Story #5 - The engine that many pilots remember and who were so very grateful they were so dependable in operation.
  • St. Elmo's Fire - Story #6 - A static-electrical phenomenon that, on rare occasion, presents a very awesome light show - and can instill fear and wonder to the observer.
  • Cdr Earle McConnell Memorial - Story #7 - St. Elmo's Fire story concludes with a Memorial for our Skipper, Cdr. Earle McConnell
  • Composite Seven (VC-7) Redeployment - Story #8 - Our Preparations to re-deploy from French Morocco back home to the good ol' U.S.A.

- Hersch Pahl

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