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War Over - Right Column


(Washington) At 7:00 P.M. E.W.T. or 0800 Tokyo time, President Truman made a statement to the nation of the surrender of Japan. The United States had been at war with Japan for three years, eight months and one week when the surrender came.

Following is the text of the official announcement as made by President Truman:

I have received this afternoon, a message from the Japanese government in reply to the message forwarded to that government by the Secretary of State on August 11. I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration which specified the unconditional surrender of Japan. In this reply there is no qualification. Arrangements are being made for the formal surrender at the earliest possible moment. General Mac Arthur has been appointed the Supreme Allied Commander to receive the Japanese surrender. Great Britain, Russia and China will be represented by high ranking officers. In the meantime the Allied armed forces have been ordered to suspend offensive action. The proclamation of V-J day must wait upon the formal signing of the surrender terms by Japan."

General Mac Arthur will hold the same relative position in the Pacific as General Eisenhower held in Europe.

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