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Willis H. "Willie" Moeller

Willis H. "Willie" Moeller

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Willie was a skilled machinist and grew up in the family sheet metal business.

He received his flight training as a dive bomber at Corpus Christi, Texas. He had some duty in VB-98 before being assigned to VF-6.

Willie played an important part in the "Battle of Kagoshima Bay" (which battle never quite came about).

They had been sent to help rescue "Slim" Pete Somerville who was in his life raft following a raid on Kagoshima Bay.

"Slim" had bailed out and while in his life raft, was expecting to do battle with another Japanese Pilot also in the water for the first Battle of the Inland Sea.

Willie Moeller preparing for a Rescue
Mission to save Pete Somerville who was downed in the Kagoshima Bay.

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Willie was flying in a Division of Hellcats, sent from the USS Hancock (CV-19), and led by Cherry Klingler, along with Roland H. Baker and Louis "Louie" Davis. They were sent to protect Somerville in the water and in so doing, became involved in a dog fight directly over Somerville. You can get the details of this Dog Fight and Rescue by visiting the Pete Somerville Dedication Page.

Unfortunately, Louie Davis was lost in the dog fight while Willie, Cherry and Baker accounted for five hostile Japanese fighters.

All this took place within a couple minutes. Somerville was picked up by a float plane from one of our battleships.

Willie and his bride, Phyllis, made their home in later years back in Fort Dodge, Iowa. "Pete" Somerville went on to become a federal judge and served on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Kansas City for years after.

L-R Marlyn E. "Monte" Kinder and
Willis "Willie" Moeller

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Marlyn "Monte" Kinder, a childhood pal of mine, was a high jumper while I played football at University of Nebraska - Kearney. Our parents were good friends and were proud to have us both in the same fighter Squadron.

The photo above was taken on the 29th day of September 1945 about the time the Hancock was leaving Tokyo Bay on our way home via Okinawa. "Willie" Moeller is standing to the left of his old buddy, "Monte" Kinder in this picture. The look on their faces tell that they are mighty happy the war was over.

Willie Moeller at a Hancock Mini-Reunion in1999 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Click Image for Larger View

The above photo is one of Willie at a last night dinner at a Hancock Mini-Reunion held at Eureka Springs Arkansas in 1999 - 54 years after the mission to rescue Pete Somerville.

- Hersch Pahl

"For those who fought for it...
freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"

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