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Aviation Metalsmith First Class (AM1c)   Roger W. Gunn, AM1c, USN

Aviation Metalsmith 1st Class Roger Gunn, with the VF-6 Crew as they appeared on Feb 8 1944 aboard the USS Intrepid while at Majuro Atoll, as they were preparing for the first big raid on the enemy at Truk Atoll in Feb 1944.

Death notice in his Hometown Newspaper

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Aviation Metalsmith First Class (AM1c), Roger Gunn, was the last member of VF-6 to loose his life in WW-II. He was electrocuted in the Aviation Metal Shop in an unusual accident, 23 August 1945.

Gunn had joined the squadron the same time as most of the enlisted crew and had served through three combat cruises against the enemy. .. He was a real specialist and had patched up many bullet holes in the squadron's Hellcat fighter planes and had made many other structural repairs..

It was a sad occasion yet very impressive when everyone not on watch formed on the flight deck to pay last respects for our shipmate. Captain R. V. Hickey turned our giant carrier U.S.S. Hancock CV-19 downwind, dropped out of formation, and adjusted the speed so that there was a perfect calm over the deck during the ceremony.

Our friend and shipmate "Shot" Gunn was buried at sea with full military honors while his wife, Wilma, unaware of what was taking place, waited patiently at home.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, and after the honor guard had fired the last salute, and as the bugler sounded "Taps", the National Ensign covering Roger's remains fluttered slightly and then lay motionless at attention. The remains of Gunn, encased in a weighted cocoon of canvas, had quickly slid from under the Flag as the portage was momentarily tilted toward the sea by two attendants. As the gentle waves received his remains, a peaceful hush settled over the flight deck and his shipmates assembled there. It was as if every one was paying their last respects and perhaps mourning inside, not only for their beloved shipmate, but also for all those lost in this long bitter conflict.

- Hersch Pahl

Roger & Wilma Gunn

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