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Terrence Randal "Randy" Pahl

"Randy" Pahl
1945 - 2006

Terrence Randal

Randy was our eldest son, born in 4 May 1945, at N.A.S. North Island, near Coronodo California. Our first meeting was about the day our ship, U.S.S. Hancock CV-19 returned to the states after WWII ended.

He brought great pride and joy to our family as he grew to manhood. He was brilliant, (scary smart). had an inquisitive mind and became a professional chemist and computer specialist. He helped his fellow scientist accomplish highly important original work.

Randy became an organ donor following a fatal accident when his bicycle went into an unguarded road construction pit 13 August 2006. He will continue to live within the very fortunate folks that received his invaluable "gifts of life".

His children and his family will be forever proud of this truly great young man, our dear son, Randy.

- Herschel A. Pahl


"Randy Pahl - 1947

Click on image for larger view
Naval Air Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, CA 1947

"Hello - my name is 'Randy' Pahl and I am standing on the wing of the P-80 jet fighter plane that my daddy uses to chase guided missiles with. When they do not fly right, he shoots them down to keep them from harming any one."

This famous old (60 year old) air plane has recently been on display in the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Fla.

Randy became an accomplished accordion player

Click on image for larger view
While the Pahl family lived on Dream Street in San Diego from 1953 through 1957, Randy took music lessons and became a pretty good Accordion player. That particular instrument was one that the VC-7 Landing Signal Officer (LSO), Lester "Les" Lampman helped me purchase one time when we chanced to go shopping together in Italy. Les has played with a famous big band and was an accomplished musician.

"Les" Lampman as LSO aboard Coral Sea CVB-43 in the Mediterranean in '53

Click on image for larger view
Les tried out several fine instruments and took a liking to this one , an Excelsior, the name plate said. However after I had purchased it and brought it back to the states in the fall of '52 and having had it evaluated by experts in the US, we learned that it was a "bastard" - one that had been put together by an expert using parts that he had smuggled home from his work place. It was no doubt a fine instrument, however the American experts were quick to label it as part Excelsior and part Accordianna. It did not make any difference to Randy or any one who loved a fine instrument, so he learned to play it and used it for years.

The instrument finally met it demise in a flooded basement years later. To both Randy and "Les" Lampman goes a "Well-done" for the good music we enjoyed from this famous impostor.

Randy, center (age 14) with brothers Dale (Left) and Neel on the Right

Click on image for larger view
Randy Pahl (14) center with his two brothers Dale, left and Neel right, at our rented home in Alexander, Va. October 1959.

"Randy Pahl poses with a friend he made while the family was living in Japan '62

Click on image for larger view
When assigned to duty with the Staff of Commander of the Seventh Fleet, the whole Pahl family moved to Japan, the home port for that staff.

We first live in the rural "rice paddies" near Fuchu, Japan. Here Randy was quick to make friends with local boys his age. During that time he attended High school for US service dependents.

Randy pictured with two Japanese friends who invited him on a tour to the Tokyo Tower

Click on image for larger view
During the summer of '62 Randy was invited to go sight seeing in Tokyo with two of his new Japanese friends. This photo was take by the Tokyo Tower. Later they visited the emperor's home.

Randy Pahl in Japan 1962

Click on image for larger view
While his dad was serving on the staff of Commander of the Seventh Fleet, 1962 -1964, his family lived in Japan - first on the local economy (rice-paddies) and later in U.S. government housing in Tokyo and at Yokosuka Naval Base. During that time Randy as well as his two brothers, attended the schools provided for U.S. military dependents. Randy became quite fluent in the language of Japan and was afforded the opportunity to travel, sight-see and to learn more about this country that he was fascinated with. Some times he traveled with his family in the family 1959 Volkswagon.

Randy finishes High School in Yokohama, Japan - August 1963

Click on image for larger view
After completing high school at the "Niel Kennick High School", Yokohama, Japan in May,1963, Randy returned to the U.S. and enrolled in college at University of Nebraska at Kearney, August 1963.

Randy, left with brothers Dale and Neel with mother Bonnie Pahl on the Right

Click on image for larger view
Randy with his two brothers, Dale and Neel and Mother Bonnie, were ready for church at their government quarters on Offutt Air Force, Base, Nebraska.

Randy was home for the weekend while attending college at University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Randy Pahl graduates College -
May, 1967

Click on image for larger view
With great pride and determination, "Randy" Pahl worked his way through college and earned a degree in science, as he majored in chemistry and electronics. He was graduated this day in May 1967 with his proud parents, Bonnie and Herschel Pahl looking on.

Randy Pahl,
Kennewick, Washington,
circa 1980

Click on image for larger view
During Randy's professional years, he became an expert in computers in the field of science and was associated with several scientific laboratories during which he accomplished original procedures, equipment, and basic research of great value to those depending on dialysis machines and those interested in detecting and avoiding contamination of the main elements of our civilization.

"For those who fought for it...
freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"

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