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George Clough "Bull" Bullard

"The Bull" on Maui '43 and aboard the Cowpens in Oct '43 en route to the raid on Wake Island.

George Clough "The Bull" Bullard, was the second in command or Executive Officer of Fighting Squadron- Six. He was a graduate from the Naval Academy and before "Butch"selected him, he had a tour of combat duty as a scout plane pilot on the Cruiser U.S.S. Pensacola (CA-24).

The "Bull" lead a flight of Hellcats piloted by VF-6 pilots to Maui on Christmas day in response to an invitation from Frank and Ethel Hoogs for a Christmas dinner party in honor and Memory of Butch O'Hare. The following day George Bullard lead the 21 planes memorial flight of "butch's Boys" back to Barber's point on Oahu.

The "Bull" was not only a good fighter pilot, but also he was a highly energetic leader who assumed the responsibility to educate and indoctrinate we young pilots in the Navy customs, traditions and sense of duty. In that, I must give him credit for making me a dedicated "Navy Man".

After he was shot down by enemy fire at Truck in Feb '44, he was captured and became a POW.

I kept the squadron in contact with his wife Mary through correspondence and as the war ended, I dropped a package of her letters to him in the Omari POW camp in Tokyo Bay.

Later Bull indicated that he "just had a fit of happiness" after he received those letters.

In peace time, "The Bull" served in many important positions and was promoted to the rank of Admiral.

One weekend, while working on their farm in Virginia, "The Bull" was overcome by heart problems and died suddenly.

He was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

- Hersch Pahl

Three senior VF-6 officers are photographed with Island Luau entertainers at Allen's Beach house near Wailuku, Maui August 1943. Left to right "Sandy" Crews , George C. "Bull" Bullard and Butch O'Hare.

"For those who fought for it...
freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"

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