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Chris and Mildred Hansen

Mildred and Chris Hansen - 70th Wedding Anniversary - July 1996

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Chris Hansen was well known and rather famous around Kearney, and Central Nebraska for the fact that he served on active duty in the US Navy in both WW-I and WW-II. His personal claim to fame was that he used his mustering-out pay from WW-I to put a down payment on some land in the city of Kearney, Nebraska near the college. After having his home built on it (by college students) he made the last payment on the home and the land with the mustering-out pay received from service in the Navy during WW-II. He was born in North Loup, Nebraska and passed away in Kearney, Nebraska at the ripe old age of 104.

Mildred Benson Hansen
Photo taken from the 1941 College Year Book

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A young lady, Mildred Benson, from a neighboring town became his bride as she continued her work on the faculty at Nebraska State Teachers College , while Chris was employed by the US Postal service. Together they helped many Nebraska students through pre-med schooling and into various fields of medicine as professionals. .

Chief Mailman

As Chris was an employee of the U.S. Postal service, after he enlisted in WW-II he was assigned to the U.S. Postal facility in Sydney, Australia where, as a Navy Chief Petty Officer, he worked the U.S. Mail for U.S. forces in the South Pacific.

After the war he was discharged and returned to Kearney, where he continued working in the U.S. Postal service. Chris and Mildred spent their entire professional lives assisting service men in their return to college or university and in reaching their goals, mostly in the medical field.

Hersch, Left and Mildred Hansen
at their home in Kearney, Neb, 1945

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Mildred and Bonnie

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Hersch Pahl with his wife Bonnie and one year old son, Randy, was one of those returning service men who were befriended and assisted in many ways as he went back to college. However, after receiving a degree they did not go into the medical filed as expected, rather he returned to active duty in the Navy with his family, and served for a total of 31 ½ years. Chris and Mildred remained good friends, more like parents, as the Pahls raised a family and continued on active duty in various parts of the US and Japan.

January 1946 Mildred Hansen and their home survive an intense ice storm.

The Pahl's continued to visit the Hansen's during the years each time they chanced to pass through central Nebraska. When the Hansens were 95 and 100 year old they both complained that they didn't seem to know any one in their college town any more as they had out -lived all their old friends.

Chris Hansen - age 100

Mildred Hansen - age 95

Left, Mildred, Bonnie Pahl and Chris
July 1996

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Hersch and Bonnie Pahl visited the Hansens in Kearney Nebraska in July 1996 at their age of 95 and 100. Mildred on the left with Bonnie in the center and Chris on the right. Photographed by Hersch Pahl.

Chris and Mildred Hansen in their home in Kearney Nebraska taken by Hersch Pahl in July 1996.

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Chris and Mildred Hansen in their home in Kearney Nebraska taken by Hersch Pahl in July 1996.

This is clipping from "The Hub", a local Kearney newspaper, celebrating the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Mildred Benson Hansen and her husband, Chris, of Kearney - August 30, 1998.

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Mildred Hansen observed their 70th anniversary of their wedding on Aug 30 1998 in Kearney Neabraska.. A reception was held in their honor. (Below)

Taken on their 70th Wedding Anniversary,
August 30, 1998

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Chris lived by himself during his later years. He was 104 years old when the life of our dear friend ended. . Heart-felt thanks go to both Chris and Mildred Hansen ---Well done !!

The dedication of this website to these great friends is a small token of our intense appreciation for the very useful lives they lived and for the way they helped many students get an education.

- Hersch Pahl

"For those who fought for it...
freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"

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