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Naval Chief Petty Officers

Clyde E. "Buzzy" Baur, AMMC, USN

Naval Chief Petty Officers

"Buzzy" Baur as he appeared with VF-6 during a photo-op On the USS Intrepid on 2/8/44 in anchorage at Majuro Atoll just prior to the first US Carrier raid on the enemy at Truk Atoll

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Chief Aviation Machinist Mate Clyde E. "Buzzy" Baur was a young seaman serving as the assistant Plane captain for Butch O'Hare's plane on the Lexington the day that "Butch" shot down seven enemy planes. ) as "Butch" told "Buzzy" after he first landed.. Later, as we all know, he received credit for only five planes.

After Butch had been to Washington and had received his honors from President Roosevelt, and had been promoted, Butch was given orders to Command a fighter squadron of his own. The squadron was VF-3 which after the Battle of Midway had been sent to Maui. "Buzzy" Baur and others were in that squadron when Butch took command.

A short time later (two months), "Butch" received orders to move that squadron (parts of it any way) to San Diego, California and reform it. "Butch" then selected the following men to be the core of his new squadron and making the move with him to San Diego was Leading Chief Williams, ACMM, Steve Piwetz ACOM, Shamro ACMM, Lunsford ACMM, Decker ACRM, Cornish AMS 1-C, Hanson Yeoman Y1C, Baur AMM 1-C , Steadman AMM 1-C, Steel AMM 1-C, Dawson AMM 1-C, Aiello AMM 1-C and Ahern ACEMM1-C. These are the men that came to San Diego and became known as "Butch's Boys."

Even though the Squadron designation was changed from VF-3 to VF-6 and "Butch" lost his life defending the force against a night torpedo attack, in Nov 1943, most of these guys, (Still claiming to be Butch's Boys") continued in "Butch's" squadron (VF-6) on through three combat tours to the end of the war. Those guys that continued to serve together to the end of the war were: Steve Piwtz, Willis, Frank Shamro, Steel, Nick Aiola, Gunn, and Buzzy Baur.

Buzzy was a top notch aviation mechanic and emerged as our lead mechanic. I am proud to say that while we were operating in the combat zone, I never once got a plane with a bad engine. When he said that a plane was ready to go, a pilot could count on it being in top notch condition.

After the war, Busy became a family man and emerged as a Bridge superintendent. As such, he had a lot to do with the building of several of the interstate bridges and overpasses north of Los Angeles on "Grapevine Hill". Later in retirement, he became a builder and consultant for private homes in the mountains of California.

- Hersch Pahl

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"Butch's Boys" in Hawaii, celebrating the up-coming move to San Diego to reform "Butch" O'Hare's Fighter squadron.. Back row L-R: Steve Piwetz, Don Steadman, Cornish, Willie Dawson, Shamro, and Lunsford. Front Row L-R: Aielo, Steel, Clyde E. "Buzzy" Baur, Hansen and Barret. - Late '42

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As WWII ended, this photo shows, Chief "Buzzy" Baur, center with his VF-6 maintenance crew on the wing of a Hellcat aboard the U.S.S. Hancock (CV-19).

Seated L-R: Lyman Starkey, Richad C. Martin, Ralph M. Dague, Clyde E. "Buzzy" Baur, Lowell E. Smith, Dewey E. Porter and in the foreground is Billy Honaker.

Standing L-R: James E. Alexander, Tim E. Woodham, Jr., and Gerald W. Rogers.

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Buzzy Baur at a photo-op with VF-6, while in Tokyo Bay after the war. Photo taken on 29 Aug, 1945 as the USS Hancock CV-19 was departing Japan en route to San Pedro, CA via Okinawa.

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Buzzy with his wife Margie is proudly showing his copy of POINT OPTION at their retirement home in Portoa, California about 2002.

"For those who fought for it...
freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"


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